Wednesday, 24 November 2010

can you feel it?

Over the odds

I think this guy saw me comming.

he told me all the cool kids have these on their chopper motorbikes, but the sticker had come off this one.

If it makes me cool the price is worth it.

that's right isn't it?

10 quid

picked this up at my mates shop, never been mounted and it's already painted, fucking bonus

Rear wheel

I've had this 18" rim lying around for ages, I've also got a drum and brake plate somewhere. picked up this hub off egay along with some spokes.

more shopping

getting my pipes sorted, these are what are going on the ends, i ended up with a left and a right but that's no problem and they were cheeeep.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

I did these bars ages ago, they were fucked bars off an evo sporty, I widened them so I could fit them in dogbones and bent them a little more to my taste.
are they straight? are they fuck.
The frips are from Japan, hard plastic like the original Chicago grips.

so far so good

So now I got me a starting point. a bit of touch up paint and it's looking good.

That tank was given to me by a friend who deals in vintage british bikes and parts. The tank was lying on the floor at his place ready to be thrown out. it was no good to him so it came home with me.

It was covered in thick rust and the other side has some big dents with filler in, I'm building this fucker to be used every day. A bit of ankor wax and some tank sealant and it's good to go.

cut n shut

So I got a big parcel land today with two halves of frame in, the geezer I bought it off cut the frame really neatly, so I made up some slugs for the bottom rails and the top tube and welded the whole lot back together.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Compulsive Sketcher

I've been thinking lots about building myself another motorcycle recently, it's been playing on my mind and keeping me awake at night.
Last friday I bought this frame which is where I guess it is going to begin.
well, it's actually going backwards before it goes forward.
The shipping for the frame worked out pretty expensive so to keep the size of the parcel and cost down the geezer who sold it to me offered to cut it in two so I'm going to get a smaller box with two pieces of frame in.
So the first job is to stick it back together.