Thursday, 9 December 2010

sissy bar

I Borrowed this one to see what it looks like, and I like it

sidestand works o.k

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Messing around

Got the bike loosely assembled and tried some different bars on, I kinda like these pull back bars so think they may stay although now I can't get my super cool stupid hard plastic Japanese grips off the other bars because I glued them on with high strength airbus glue ( the glue they use to put airbusses together so I am told) . I like these rubber grips though, comfy too.
That headlight wasn't the one I was going to use but it looks pretty good with those bars. That's my opinion anyway, back wheel and tyres is just a mock up thing. in fact if you touch the bike in it's present state it falls to fucking pieces.
And I think my bars are going to tocuh the floor before my sidestand does.
I've got an urge for a stupid sissy bar now, I'm going to make it really tall and tie a flag to it so I know which bike is mine when I'm at a do that's full of skinny old choppers.
Actually, I will recognize mine as the rusty brown piece of shit with the wassel tank WITHOUT metalflake paint.